The Freehold Investment Approach

At Freehold, we hold the view that over the long term, listed and unlisted market returns converge. However, in the short to medium term, and despite common underlying assets, the markets can move independently creating inefficiencies. Additionally, the individual sectors within property and infrastructure exhibit different investment characteristics – both between them and by region. The impact is that both factors provide the potential to derive excess returns from the allocation of capital to structures, sectors and regions that are more undervalued than others on a relative basis.

We integrate the following principles in our investment approach:

Exploitation of inefficiencies: capitalising on information and research based advantages to identify opportunities

Exploitation of thematic trends – economic and demographic

Research effort: bottom up fundamental analysis with a top down overlay

For investors, we currently manage in excess of $500 million. They choose Freehold because we have the following key capabilities which enable strategy execution:

  • A seasoned team, with extensive experience across all real estate sectors, the capital structure and risk spectrum.
  • Direct experience gained from project management, design and construction of large scale projects in the office, retail, industrial, residential, education and infrastructure sectors.
  • Deep research capability across all real estate sectors and markets.
  • Extensive relationships with real estate owners, lenders and intermediaries.

Our Funds

We offer a range of funds that suit different investor risk profiles, though broadly our focus is on providing stable and reliable risk-adjusted returns.

Freehold Fund
Freehold Australian Property Fund
A hybrid portfolio of listed and unlisted property and infrastructure against a benchmark comprising 50% A-REITs and Listed Infrastructure and 50% Unlisted Property and Infrastructure.