Freehold Australian Property Fund


The Fund comprises a hybrid portfolio of listed and unlisted property and infrastructure against a benchmark comprising 50% A-REITs and Listed Infrastructure and 50% Unlisted Property and Infrastructure. Our listed portfolio style overlay screens for pure property and infrastructure characteristics and results in minimal exposure to development, currency risk and other 'active' earnings. The unlisted portfolio comprises institutional-grade assets within a diversified portfolio of internally and externally managed funds that spans the risk spectrum. The target unlisted allocation is 70% Core, 20% Value Add and 10% Development.

Freehold Australian Property Fund - Overview

Investment Performance

The Freehold Australian Property Fund aims to provide investors with a combined return of recurring income, derived from either long term rental leases or a contracted nature, and enhanced returns from selected value add and development assets with some gearing.

Investment Performance
As at 31st July 2021
Month Quarter 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since inception**
Freehold Australian Property Fund (net of fees)
1.3% 3.9% 16.7% 7.3% 5.2% 11.6%
A-REITs Index* 0.5% 7.9% 33.7% 8.1% 5.2% 12.6%
Listed Infrastructure Index* 9.2% 7.7% 12.7% 8.7% 6.3% 15.1%
Unlisted Property Index* 0.3% 3.3% 8.5% 4.2% 7.2% 8.5%


*A-REITs Index is the S&P/ASX 300 AREIT Accumulation index; Listed Infrastructure Index is a subset of S&P/ASX 200 Index infrastructure sub industries, as defined by the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS); Unlisted Property Index is the Mercer/IPD Australia Core Wholesale Property Fund Index
** Freehold Australian Property inception date – effective 7 November 2011. Performance numbers are NET and assume reinvestment of distributions.

Freehold Australian Property Fund
External Rating from Core Property Solutions

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Latest Performance Report

as at 31 July 2021 (PDF 399KB)

Past Performance Reports

All reports are in PDF format.

For older past performance reports please contact the administrator or login.

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How to Invest

Applications to invest in the Freehold Australian Property Fund can be made by completing the application form attached to the Fund Product Disclosure Statement below.

Fund PDS & Application Form
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Withdrawal Form
(PDF 312KB)


For other administrative queries or forms please contact the administrator or login.

You should obtain the product disclosure statement (PDS) relating to the offer of units in the Freehold Australian Property Fund ARSN 169 952 738 (Fund) and consider the PDS before making any decision about whether to acquire, or to continue to hold, units in the Fund. The PDS can be obtained at the link above. The issuer of units in the Fund is Responsible Entity Partners Limited ACN 119 757 596 AFSL 30454

Financial Statements

Financial Report
For the year ended
30 June 2020


Financial Report
For the year ended
30 June 2019


Interim Financial Report
For the half-year ended
31 December 2018


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